Paediatric care

Our nurses and carers provide invaluable support for children requiring full or part-time paediatric care, working closely with their families and any other community or hospital teams involved.

School shifts (including escorts)

We escort children to and from their school setting and can also provide support for children whilst they’re there. Our experienced school nurses work alongside all professional parties to ensure that school is a safe and happy environment for our clients and that they can attend as much as possible. If required, our staff can stay with the family in their home environment, thus ensuring continuity and security for the whole family.

Brain injury

We have a wide range of compassionate paediatric nurses who have experience in working alongside children with brain injuries. They’ll support children with general daily activities and can also assist a family wishing to go on holiday, or escort a child to and from school.

Complex needs

We support families by providing paediatric care for children with complex health needs in the home. By offering both day and night care, our families can get some well-needed rest or benefit from an extra pair of hands through the day. With our help, children with complex health needs can access their community and attend their school or social clubs.

End of life

End of life care requires a special kind of dedication. Our compassionate and supportive nursing staff can help families during these most difficult times. We have expert nursing staff with experience in end of life care; they’ll work alongside a family, and in conjunction with any community and hospital-based health teams.

Maternity and neonatal care

Pulse maternity nurses and midwives specialise in the care of mothers and their newborn babies. They provide invaluable support for families during this special but sometimes demanding time, assisting with post-delivery care and recuperation, breast-feeding and can help establish a routine. Our Maternity care packages are completely flexible. Nurses can work any length of shift. Day or night, or even live in.

Mental health

Seeing your child suffer with their mental health is never easy, often impacting the whole family. We understand that every single child deserves a bespoke, carefully devised paediatric care plan that considers the opinions of every person involved in their care.

Whether you require daily drop-in support or a round-the-clock package, our team will work alongside all the professional parties involved to ensure safe and compassionate nursing at home.

Our mental health provision includes mental health nurses and community psychiatric nurses specialising in: learning difficulties, eating disorders, child and adolescence, acute and PICU.

Overseas clinical support

Whether you’re travelling overseas with your child for a holiday or clinical treatment, we can provide day, night or round-the-clock paediatric care to give you and your family a well-needed rest or the chance to focus fully on your trip.