Overseas care

Whether already in the UK or planning a trip from overseas, our friendly team can assist clients and provide expert and experienced nursing staff for any type of homecare.

Flight or travel escort

Travelling overseas can be challenging and often stressful. Our trained nurses and healthcare assistants will take some of the pressure off those who are travelling to the UK, whether they need assistance with mobility and personal care, or more complex assistance due to flight restrictions, our team will make sure every step of the journey runs smoothly. We can also assist with travel insurance and visas if required.

Overseas live in

For clients looking for support 24/7 whilst in the UK, a live-in care option should be considered. Our live-in nurses and carers are experienced in working in a homecare environment, and are respectful of and able to manage personal and professional boundaries.

With such a commitment, we will obviously invest significant time learning about the client and their family situation in order to ensure we place the most suitable person in their home. We can help to arrange hospital and GP appointments and future follow-ups.

Clinical trials/treatment

For clients travelling to the UK for trials or clinical treatment, our trained nurses will work day or night to ensure they’re fully prepared and rested throughout the trip, ensuring medications are administered on time or and manage more complex equipment if required.

Drop ins

Our team of ‘drop in’ staff can assist with medication administration, IV antibiotics, dressing changes, wound care, injections (including insulin) and more. We’ll liaise with our client’s hospital, embassy or insurance company to ensure they receive the best possible short-term elderly care at home or in their hotel.

Post-operative support

We understand that being away from home after surgery can be hard. Our competent nursing staff and healthcare assistants can be on hand to speed up our client’s recovery, whether they need daily injections, assistance with dressings, wound care or simply help getting around.

Home dialysis

We understand that whilst our client’s are busy in the UK it may not be possible for them to attend their inpatient appointments. Working alongside their dedicated dialysis hospital, we can arrange for specialist nurses to visit them at home ensuring no treatments are missed.

Homecare in London

Our large and comprehensive database of expert and experienced nursing staff means we are able to support our clients with any type of homecare. Whether already in the UK or planning a trip from overseas, our friendly team can assist with personal care, mobility, medication administration, blood pressure readings, meal preparation, outings and general companionship.