Paediatric and emergency nurse case study

Paediatric and emergency Nurse Annette really appreciates the flexibility

I was approached three years ago by the Pulse at Home team who were looking for a paediatric nurse for a new home care package involving a young child and his/her family who lived relatively close to me. The team arranged for me to meet the family at a mutually convenient time and I knew immediately I’d like to work with them.

At the time I was working for the Pulse Nursing Team, which involved shift work in local NHS hospitals. This meant I was already registered with Pulse which speeded up the process and I started working with the family shortly after.

Two years on, and I have been lucky enough to work with two amazing children across two separate care packages. Generally, depending on my availability, I have worked between two and 14 shifts a month for Pulse at Home. I also do a lot of shifts in various paediatric emergency departments for Pulse Nursing. Although I enjoy these shifts, the emergency department can be busy and mentally demanding so I really enjoy the one-on-one nursing care and quieter shifts that the Pulse at Home work offers.

I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the families of my two children and becoming a part of their lives. I appreciate the fact that I’m still able to practice my clinical skills whilst only having one patient to care for; this makes shifts more enjoyable and less pressurised. Working for Pulse at Home client also offers variety; I take the children to school and, on occasion, have joined the family as a nurse on overseas holidays. I’ve taken one of my clients to see her mum running in the London marathon and next month I’m going with the family to London Zoo. It’s amazing to think I’m actually paid to do these things.

Each of my Pulse at Home packages undergoes three-monthly appraisals, which I’m involved with. These meetings ensure all parties are happy with the way the package is going and provide an opportunity to voice any concerns regarding areas such as workload, environment and training. Although these meetings can sometimes come around quickly, it’s nice to ‘touch base’ with colleagues who know and look after your client.

Pulse at Home has always been fully supportive and any issues have been quickly and efficiently dealt with the team there. During one overseas holiday, my client was taken ill and admitted to hospital. The Pulse at Home team were in constant contact with me during this stressful time, both via email and phone, providing as much support and advice as humanly possible given the distance.

Pulse at Home issues your roster in advance making it possible to make plans outside of work. Years ago I worked for another, less flexible agency but left them and now work exclusively with Pulse who I’ve always to be friendly and helpful. They’re also very understanding of any long breaks I’ve taken to go home and visit my family. I’m always welcomed back and, on most occasions, have shifts booked in before returning to London. I pop in once a year for my annual updates and otherwise am left to my own devices, happily working as many shifts as I request.

What three words would I use to describe Pulse at Home? Approachable, flexible and friendly.

For more information about the services that Pulse Nursing at Home provide, please contact the team on 020 7959 1003 or email and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.