HCA case study

HCA June moved from Ireland to London with Pulse at Home and hasn’t looked back

I was living at home in Ireland but wanted to move to London to work and gain a qualification in care. A friend of a friend had heard good things about Pulse at Home and suggested I contact them so I researched them online. Straightaway I was struck by how many good reviews they’d been given by other HCAs and nurses - people rarely seem to give good reviews so it seemed promising start. I was also interested in the fact that they had multiple offices in UK and Australia, which suggested they were a credible agency.

Because I was based in Ireland, the initial registration process was quite difficult and involved a lot of phone calls with the Pulse at Home team. However, the particular consultant looking after my case made things so much easier. She gave me her direct line and email and I dealt only with her throughout the process, which was brilliant. She was always available, constantly helpful and arranged a suitable time for me to fly over to London for my interview.

Overall, the interview itself was a good experience. Naturally I was nervous but the two Pulse at Home nurses who interviewed me set me at ease. The concept of a ‘zero hour’ contract made me nervous, particularly as I was contemplating moving from Ireland. However, they were totally upfront and honest about what being an HCA for their care packages would entail so I decided to take the plunge. I flew back to London a second time for training, again at a time to suit me, and then had to wait a few weeks for a suitable package to arise.

A few weeks later, Pulse at Home called me about a new package they had involving a lovely lady in central London. I jumped at the chance and flew to London to start work and I’ve been busy working on various different packages ever since. I had worried that being in Ireland would mean I’d be forgotten but Pulse at Home were true to their word and things have worked out exactly as they’d promised.

One of the unique things about Pulse at Home is that they’re always thankful for the work I do. They make me feel good about myself and confident in my own abilities. The service they provide is a cut above the rest. The few times I have looked at other agencies (I haven’t really had to because I’ve almost always had enough work from Pulse) they’ve lacked the professionalism and friendliness that I’ve grown used to. Pulse’s rates of pay are excellent too – far exceeding anything else I’ve been offered.

I have recommended Pulse at Home to many of my colleagues and will continue to do so. There always seem to be plenty of hours although I do always stress the zero hours contract. I particularly like the varied nature of the work I do and get to meet a wide range of people from all over the world. I also really appreciate the flexibility: I give them my availability a month in advance and they quickly allocate my shifts which means I’m able to plan my life around my hours.

The team at Pulse at Home treats me like a person, not just a faceless candidate. When I visit their offices they find the time to have a chat, not only about work, but also about my life in general. I feel like part of the team myself. Since that first phone call, I’ve never looked back. Working with Pulse at Home has been a great experience so far.

What three words would I use to describe Pulse at Home? Professional, efficient and friendly.

“Pulse at Home has given me this wonderful opportunity to gain new and valuable healthcare experience in one of the most amazing cities in the world. I am truly grateful to the team.”

For more information about the services that Pulse Nursing at Home provide, please contact the team on 020 7959 1003 or email pulseathome@pulsejobs.com and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.